12 Hacks for People with Combination Skin That’ll Make Your Face Glow

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So your skin isn’t entirely oily… but it isn’t entirely dry either. You’re one of those people who get excessively shiny in your T-zone, but experience a legit drought on your cheeks. UGH — WE FEEL YOU! This skin type is called “combination,” and it can be really hard to deal with, because most products only cater to one end of the spectrum or the other, not both.

Since it’s SO hard to figure out how to take care of and beautify combo skin, we did some digging (so you don’t have to) and found some hacks that are literally life changing. The following is a COMPLETE guide to keep you looking your best in the hot summer months. Enjoy!

1. First thing’s first. Here’s how to find out if you even have combination skin:

2. Here are the types of products (in order of recommended use) that are absolutely essential to your daily routine:




3. Looking for a full skincare regime? Here you go, combo-skin people!

4. This DIY at-home face mask combines watermelon (a natural toner) and honey (for moisture preservation) to freshen and purify combination skin:

5. This banana-based DIY mask is recommended because bananas have both drying and oil-controlling properties:

6. The probiotics in the yogurt of this mask fight acne, while the egg whites tighten large pores:

7. The ingredients of this mask are known to purify skin by pushing out ~bad~ oils and helping you retain good ones:

8. Since combo skin has different properties in different zones, this graphic shows you the essential chemicals and nutrients you should be applying to each of them:

9. These multi-mask ingredients target specific skin problems:

10. This shine-killer can be applied to your T-zone before your makeup, to keep it looking matte even after you apply your foundation:

11. And these primers can be applied in between shine-killer and makeup in order to help them both set:

12. And, finally, here’s your step-by-step makeup routine to keep your t-zone shine-free:

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