Which Teen Wolf Star Will Guest-Star on Nine Lives of Chloe King?!

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Aw, so cute. We love when people on one teen show hang out with and work with people on another teen show, kind of like iCarly meets Victorious and Shake It Up meets Good Luck Charlie. Except this time it’s not a Teen Wolf/Nine Lives of Chloe King crossover, but rather one Wolf going over to become..a cat. Kinda.

So which Teen Wolf will be guest-stinting on Nine Lives?

It’s Colton Haynes! Digital Spy reports that Colton will play a “very dark and twisted and yet sweet and loveable” character on Nine Lives. And the whole thing is seriously cute because Colton and Skyler Samuels, aka Chloe King, are BFFs from when they worked together on another show, The Gates. Skyler said:

“We always said whoever gets their own show first has to have the other one on.We made a pact… And sure enough, there was the perfect role for him.”

As for Skyler appearing on Teen Wolf?

“I mean, I can only hope. I can be like, ‘Listen, this has to work both ways here, pal’.”

Are you excited to see Colton on Nine Lives? Do you think Colton and Skyler should date on-screen or IRL? Tell us in the comments!