EXCLUSIVE: Colton Haynes Teases Roy Harper’s Return on Arrow

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Alright, Arrow fans! Get ready because Season 7 of the hit show is coming in hot, and at this year’s Comic Con, Colton Haynes spilled some secrets about what fans can expect.

Of course, the 30-year-old heartthrob couldn’t spoil too much about the upcoming season, but he was able to let us in a few secrets pertaining to his own character, Roy Harper.

Colton tells us, exclusively:

“I can only say with my character, I’m coming back in a way different way. But, it’s pretty crazy so I can say that everyone should be super excited. I’m not coming back as the same Roy Harper.” WOW. He also said that he won’t be coming back as anything he’s ever been before on the show, so we really can’t even venture to guess where this is going”

If you’re anything like us, the suspense is probably eating away at you right now, but don’t worry, it’s killing us, too! We guess we’re just going to have to tune into Season 7 to find out how Colton will be making his return! AHH!! We can’t wait!!