Less Than 2 Weeks After Kim K’s Attack, Teen Wolf Star Falls Victim to Robbery

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Although it’s been 11 days since Kim Kardashian‘s hotel room was broken into and robbers tied her up, held her at gunpoint, and stole $10 million worth of jewelry, it’s still the main topic of discussion for fans, news outlets, etc. While Kim clearly deserves people’s attention at this incredibly difficult and scary time, focus has shifted a bit to another scary robbery.

Colton Haynes is the latest celebrity whose house was broken into and had thousands of dollars worth of personal possessions stolen. TMZ reports that the criminals destroyed a lockbox outside the 28-year-old’s garage, which then gave them access to his home. The burglars got away with $5-$6 thousand worth of his belongings, including electronics like a television and laptop.

But even though the former Teen Wolf star is now dealing with the aftermath of this scary crime, he refuses to dwell on it. He updated fans on Snapchat saying, “So, even though someone the other day broke into my house and stole a bunch of my stuff, that’s not gonna get me down.”

This positive attitude is something Colton prides himself on, making the most of even the most tragic of situations. For example: Even after the new Scream Queens addition found out his father committed suicide after his came out as gay, he still said he didn’t want people’s pity.

While this set of circumstances is obviously awful, the most important thing is that Colton is safe and detectives are working to find those responsible.

While Colton’s house was broken into, these stars were the victim of a hotel-room robbery: