Ouch! You Won’t Believe What This Teen Wolf Hottie Did to His ***Flawless Body

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We miss when a shirtless Jackson Whittemore would frequent Beacon Hills regularly and make us hot from his smolder *sigh*. Sadly, those days are long gone, and Colton Haynes has officially joined the ranks of former Teen Wolf hotties. Thank goodness he still posts shirtless selfies! Actually, his latest IG upload had fans in a frenzy (and not just because of his hot bod).

The 27-year-old Arrow actor shook his fans’ world in his latest snapshot, thanks to him laying in his bed sporting a brand-spanking-new… nipple piercing! The dreamy-eyed babe was totally beating around the bush, failing to mention anything at all about his latest body puncture. Instead, he decided to go off on the most random hashtag tangents, never acknowledging the shiny, silver, big ol’ elephant in the room:

That didn’t stop fans from totally freaking the eff out about his pierced nipple. Did he really believe his dedicated followers would let him off the hook that easy?! Wishful thinking, Colton.

His nipple bling addition makes him one of the few male celebs to join Kendall and Kylie Jenner, along with a bunch of other celebs, who have their own bada** nipple piercing(s). We get that some people find it ~artsy~ and all, but that sounds like WAY more pain than we’d ever want to experience. Just sayin’.

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