19 Ridiculously Naughty Tweets Fans Sent to Colton Haynes

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Is anyone talking about anything besides Colton Haynes lately? He’s one of the the hottest stars to come out of MTV’s Teen Wolf, and possibly the entire freakin’ world. Today, he’s engaged to the love of his life, Jeff Leatham, but that’s not stopping fans from being thirsty as heck for some ~loving~ from the actor, if you know who we mean.

You’ve seen “Dirty Tweets” articles on Teen.com before, but this one might take the cake. The 28-year-old has a crew of absolutely rabid rabid supporters and they’re all ob-sessed. Not only do they show their love by watching his shows, buying his march, etc., but they also tweet inappropriate things at him all the time! Want to see the craziest ones? Search not — we got you.

1. Let’s start off strong.

2. And in a different language…

3. This just sounds painful.

4. Ew…?

5. Before this tweet, Colton tweeted that he was “on top of the world.” His mistake.

6. You mean “sex”???

7. She just wants Colton to brighten up her day :/

8. Ready for liftoff.

9. Is this legal?

10. How TF is he supposed to do that?

11. You can use Google Translate for this one.

12. Wait, is this possible…

13. …

14. #Thirsty

15. We don’t think that’s a thing.

16. *Vom*

17. Is this some kind of fetish we don’t know about?

18. We don’t even know what this one means, but it sounds sexual, so we’re just gonna leave it here.

19. At least this one’s creative.

Colton is one star who left Teen Wolf to pursue other acting opportunities: