Teen Wolf Star’s Dad Committed Suicide When He Found Out His Son Was Gay

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A few months ago, YouTube star Riyadh Khalaf‘s dad revealed that after he found out his son was gay, he contemplated suicide. Fortunately, the man didn’t go through the the act, but another star’s father’s story tragically panned out very differently.

While Colton Haynes officially came out at the beginning of May, he is just now getting into details about the aftermath of his admission. In an interview with Out magazine, the former Teen Wolf actor revealed that his dad, William Clayton Haynes, sadly committed suicide when he found out about his son’s sexuality.

“I’m the last person in the world who would say, ‘Oh, my dad [killed himself] — pity me,’ but I was told that my dad killed himself because he found out I was gay. So, of course, I lost it and was like, ‘How could you say something like that?’ And no one will ever really know the truth. But my brother and my mom went to pick up my dad’s stuff, and the only picture on his fridge was my 8th grade graduation picture. So I was just like, ‘f*ck.”

We cannot even imagine the pain the 28-year-old must be feeling in the days following his father’s death. Although it’s virtually impossible to understand what Colton is going through, many fans are doing their best to offer him support.

Our hearts are with Colton at this difficult time.

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