The Masterminds Behind ColourPop are Back with an Affordable Skincare Line

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These days, we’re all looking for a trustworthy skincare routine to make us look fresh, glowy, and of course, acne-free. However, it would be unfair for us not to mention how costly skincare routines can get, and if you’re anything like us, you probably don’t really feel like dropping a ton of cash on products that — if we’re being honest — don’t really last too long.

Don’t worry… we get it. Luckily, beauty brand ColourPop is here to help with the launch of their brand new skincare line, Fourth Ray, and unlike any of the other skincare products you’ve used in the past, this one is actually, well… AFFORDABLE!

That’s right, you guys! Fourth Ray is finally here and it’s looking v promising. The collection includes various skincare products (obviously), and even some cute accessories, too! For instance, you’ll love their rose quartz roller and cat headband!

Ready for the best part? The products are all 100% cruelty-free, vegan, dermatology-tested, and safe for all skin types! Plus, the skincare products are all under $15! As you can see, the masterminds behind ColourPop totally came through, and we can’t wait to try out these products for ourselves! You can ’em all out now at Enjoy!