This YouTube Star Wants to Bring Selena Gomez Back to Her Magical Roots

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Current YouTubers might be recognized for their singing, acting, makeup skills, or DIY tutorials — but have you ever heard of an Internet star who happens to be a talented AF magician? Yep, you read that correctly. Collins Key is one of the most unique YouTube celebrities around, as he’s known for his absolutely insane magic tricks. Seriously, the things he can do are guaranteed to shock and amaze you.

What separates Collins from the rest is that unlike popular magicians who sometimes have dark, creepy qualities, he always has a smile on his face — especially when he sees how people react to his tricks IRL. And even though the 19 year old has gone on tour with Demi Lovato and competed on America’s Got Talent, he STILL freaks out when celebrities are impressed with his act and has dreams of performing for some of his faves.

Selena [Gomez] just seems super cool and super chill,” Collins told us. “I think [doing magic for her] would be really fun, and her reaction would be so cool.”

Umm, we definitely agree! Not only would Sel be stunned by how talented Collins is, but how incredible would it be fore her to get a little taste of her Wizards of Waverly Place days again?! YAAAAAS. The blue-eyed cutie has already performed his illusions for stars like Kevin Hart and Nick Jonas, and Sel would be the perfect person to add to that growing list. Can we start a petition to make this happen ASAP? We low key need to see how Selena would respond to one of Collins’ astonishing tricks.

How the heck did Collins become so good at what he does, you may ask? Well, the LA native began learning magic at the age of 12, after buying his first instructional book while at Disneyland. “From there, I practiced around 8-10 hours a day. I fell in love with it,” he said Whoa! Considering that most of us don’t have the patience to spend hours (or maybe even minutes) trying to learn a new skill, this is pretty impressive.

Eventually videos that Collins posted on YouTube earned him recognition from America’s Got Talent, and even Demi Lovato! He competed on season 8 of the show, and made it to the finals — NBD. And in 2014, Collins joined Demi, Fifth Harmony, and Little Mix on the Neon Lights Tour, traveling from city to city and growing his fanbase of dedicated Keypers.

Since sharing his magical talents with the world, Collins has had the chance to mingle with a few celebs along the way, including Matt Espinosa, Bethany Mota and Connor Franta. And even though Collins has tons of epic celebrity reaction vids on his channel, there are a few that stand out for him. According to Collins, Matt and other YouTubers or Viners majorly freaked out, with Matt even jumping on a table. Don’t believe us? Just check out the video below for proof!

While some people may question the authenticity of the videos he posts online, Collins assures us that every trick is completely real, with no gimmicks.

“The thing that’s fun is that all those videos that you see on my channel, where I’m doing magic for them [celebrities], are organic and in the moment — very much like what social media is about. That’s literally how these videos came about,” Collins told us. Moreover, a lot of the videos that document his performing are often unplanned. “I thrive on the fact that there’s no set schedule. With magic, it’s so organic.”

Since the Neon Lights tour, Collins has considered the possibility of joining other stars on tour. He recently joined Charlie Puth for a few of his shows, but there’s another former Disney star that he’s dying to perform for — Selena Gomez! Maybe you’d like to have someone else join you on tour, Sel?

Be sure to follow Collins on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube — you WON’T want to miss another one of his mind-blowing tricks!