10 Things No One Tells You Before You Start College

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Going to college for the first time is an experience like no other. And you can count on the fact that, before you do so, people will be giving you tons and tons of advice. But, somehow, some of the most important tidbits manage to slip through the cracks.

And that’s where we come in! We wouldn’t dare let you venture off into the world all on your own without all of the most valuable information. So, here are the ten things that no else one will tell you before you start college:

1. You don’t have to eat Ramen every day. TV and movies lie! You’ll probably have a meal plan, so Ramen is mostly a choice.

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2. Homesickness isn’t a joke. Even if you adore the school you go to, you’ll have moments where all you want is to be back home.

3. No one will be helping you. Yeah, you’ll have counselors and dedicated professors; but, for the most part, how much you learn is all on you.

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4. Packing for school will take forever. You’re packing up your whole life and all of your most important belongings. So, ya know, don’t put it off.

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5. You don’t have to be BFFs with your roommate. Things might actually run much more smoothly if you don’t spend every waking moment together.

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6. You have to actively try to meet people. Unlike high school, where you’re friends with people because you’re together all day, college is a much bigger place where it’s tougher to make friends.

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7. What you learn in class isn’t nearly as important as what you learn outside of it. Seriously, pay attention all the time.

8. You don’t have to rage every single night of the week. Staying in and watching ten movies in a row is totally cool, too.

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9. Your RA works hard to make you feel welcomed. They’d really love it if you seemed like you appreciated it. Poor RAs.

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10. And finally, shower shoes are a for real necessity. Don’t get caught (literally) slipping with your bare feet on all of those potential germs.

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