5 Kitchen Gadgets for College Dorms You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now!

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School is back in session! While that may signify the beginning of useless homework, classes you DGAF about and all-night study sessions before big tests, it also signifies the start of something new — so why not make the most of it?

Personally, we loved, loved, LOVED college. Especially dorm life. Like, love ya, parents, but there’s something about living on your own for the first time that makes everything truly special. And now, we found a handful of ways to make your experience even better; we’ve discovered five kitchen gadgets that are essential for living away from home. No hot plates necessary!

If you wanna know how all of these items work, all you gotta do is watch Clevver’s What the Flavor! episode above, starring Erin Robinson & Lily Marston. Erin even includes hacks for cooking bacon with a flat iron and making a non-waffle breakfast with a waffle maker! You’re welcome.

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