Here’s Why Everyone Thinks One of These YouTube Power Couples Broke Up

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UPDATE: Colleen confirmed the news that she and Joshua are getting divorced in a recent YouTube video. Our thoughts are with both YouTubers at this difficult time.


Colleen Ballinger and Joshua Evans‘ entire relationship was basically built on a fairy tale. From meeting over the Internet to getting hitched in a gorgeous, intimate ceremony, Joshleen is #Goals for most of their viewers. But while the recently married couple may seem perfect on the outside, some strange behaviors are making people question if everything is going as well as it once was.

We’re just gonna say it, because sometimes ripping the bandage off quickly is the best thing to do — a lot of the YouTubers’ fans think they may have broken up. We know — WTF?!

While obviously nothing is proven, there are a few (pretty interesting) reasons the world is having this thought process. To start off, Josh and Colleen haven’t posted a picture together in nine and 12 weeks, respectively. Although this obviously doesn’t prove anything, per se, it definitely sparked some confusion, especially since they used to post all the time, even when they were both traveling the world.

Secondly, the 32-year-old has been taking a break from social media for the past few weeks (he hasn’t uploaded a YouTube video since August 31, tweeted since September 14, or Instagrammed since September 11), which is something that would’ve been absolutely unheard of for him in the past. But the fact that Josh hasn’t been active on the Internet isn’t the main cause for concern — it’s the fact that Colleen has also gone dark.

While the 29-year-old continued to be active on social media during her husband’s sudden break to promote her new Netflix show Haters Back Off, she recently decided she needed to step away from the web, too.

Again, everything is just speculation at this point, but it’s pretty obvious that something is going on in Joshua and Colleen’s world. We hope everything works out and their breaks allow them time to rest, reflect and come out happier than ever!
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