Cole Sprouse Gets Into Altercation with Musician Who Won’t Leave Riverdale Set

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The cast of Riverdale is busy filming season two of The CW hit in Vancouver, Canada, but they ran into a bit of trouble recently when a street performer named Babe Coal refused to stop playing outside of one of their sets. While the cast was shooting inside an art gallery, her music was so loud that that it could be heard through the walls and they couldn’t successful complete the scenes. Producers seemingly asked her multiple times to move, but she wouldn’t, stating that if she had to relocate she wanted the crew to pay her the money she would’ve made in that particular spot. This back-and-forth happened for quite some time, delaying production, so Cole Sprouse tried to step in to get the musician to let them film.

“We’re begging you,” he said in the altercation caught on camera. “Our production in there is…we can’t film anything. I know you’re asking for compensation; we’re asking for simply an hour to finish.”

It’s a bit hard to hear what Babe says next, but a member of the production team then appeared and said, “You realize the cast of Riverdale is now asking you?”

The busker continued to stand her ground, refusing to move without proper financial compensation. And that’s where 24-year-old got a little snippy.

“So, just in case you guys don’t know how this works, this is one of the secrets of film production. We give a location to the city and some scam artists come out…” he started.

“Excuse me?! I’m gonna interrupt you,” BC fired back. “I play here regularly, every day, so you guys come into where I perform, so you can’t call me a scam artist — you guys came into where I perform. What you guys are is cheap. You guys are so cheap and rude and interfering.”

Here’s the video of the interaction:

We’re not sure what happened next, but Babe Coal tweeted that she was detained by police in the early hours of the morning. The situations might be totally unrelated, but here’s what she said:

Cole has not yet spoken out about the situation.

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