Cole Sprouse Tweets That He’s Single & Sprousehart Fans are Confused AF

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The relationship between Cole Sprouse & Lili Reinhart is an interesting one. Sure, there’s been word of off-screen kissing and movie dates, but other than that, their relationship is mostly private… or non-existent.

Their characters, Jughead & Betty (a.k.a. Bughead), may be dating on Riverdale, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that #Sprousehart is together in real life. She could simply find him to be “like this really attractive, normal guy” with no feelings whatsoever. We don’t mean to say this to burst your bubble, but, based on one of Cole’s latest tweets, it’s quite possible, fam.

It all started on September 26, when the 21-year-old blonde tweeted the following:

Miss Piggy, being the sass queen that she is, hit back:

Oo, Miss Piggy’s going after Lil’s man… or is she?

Three days later, Cole tweeted about MP:

MP responded:

But her response isn’t the real issue; the real issue people are having is the hashtag the 25-year-old Disney Channel alum used, #WhyImStillSingleIn4Words:

Needless to say, many were left confused.

Considering he was exchanging words with a fictional character, using the hashtag could be part of the joke and have nothing to do with his real love life. The former Suite Life of Zack & Cody actor has never been too public with any of his girlfriends, so that could be why CS & LR never admit to dating.

But, then again, Sprousehart could also just be in everyone’s imagination… We don’t want to think about that, though. WE NEED CONFIRMATION, GUYS.
Even if Sprousehart isn’t the real deal, you can still ship Bughead with this merch: