The Main Reason Why Cole Sprouse Dreaded the Riverdale Musical Episode

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Get ready for Riverdale to look a LOT different tonight…

As you may already know, the next episode of Riverdale focuses on Riverdale High’s production of Carrie: The Musical. Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa says Cole Sprouse agreed to sing on the episode, but it turns out the lucky guy didn’t have to. It made more sense for his character, Jughead, to shoot a documentary about making the musical instead of performing in it. The episode, titled “A Night to Remember,” has musical moments throughout the show during rehearsals, classes and the night of the show.

The Riverdale cast didn’t hold back when talking to Bustle about the big ep. KJ Apa told the site, “The least excited about it was… Cole.” Lili Reinhart chimed in, saying, “Cole refuses to sing or dance. He immediately was horrified. But he’s not involved in the singing or dancing parts.” Camila Mendes added, “He just hates musicals… That worked out for him. I really like what they did with Jughead’s narrative in this, they fit him into this very well.”

But when Bustle asked Cole himself, he described a different reason for not participating in the musical. “I just don’t think character-wise that Jughead would be the kind of kid who would be singing or dancing. Especially when so much is going on outside. It made sense for me to not be in it.” Cole also admitted to being skeptical of the whole idea when he found out the show would be taking on Carrie: The Musical.

The rest of the cast, however, was mostly thrilled about the idea. But, like Cole, Lili had some hesitations. Although she grew up in musical theater, her hesitation came in the form of dance numbers. Lili told Bustle, “I was kind of horrified about the dancing aspects. I hate dancing and I’m terrible at it, but it’s actually been really fun.” Turns out KJ has all the dancing talent, and the cast is amazed by his rhythm. But in the singing department, the cast members raved about Lili’s vocal ability.

Tune in to tonight’s special musical episode to see how it all unfolds!