19 Dirty Things Cole Sprouse Tweeted That Would Make Zack & Cody Blush

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The Sprouse Twins are back, you guys! Even though Dylan Sprouse has been out of the acting game basically since the days of The Suite Life on Deck, his twin brother, Cole Sprouse, has been killin’ it lately, courtesy of a little show called Riverdale, so both brothers have been making headlines as of late.

That’s why we did a deep dig of the 24-year-old actors’ Twitter accounts. Not only are they both smart AF — and NYU grads, nonetheless — but they’re absolutely hilarious, roasting the s*it out of each other and even taking a stab at some not-suitable-for-Disney content. We’ll start off with some examples from Cole — here are 19 dirty things the Riverdale star tweeted that would make his former character, Cody Martin, blush:

1. Who else would think that??

2. Well now we do.

3. Never gonna look at his ‘stache the same way again.

4. Have fun!

5. It must be a twin thing.

6. They don’t say that. They really don’t.

7. Wot?

8. Hey, no need to naked-selfie shame, Grams.

9. Huh.

10. Do it, see what happens.

11. Thank GOD that kittens there. Thank. God.

12. True.

13. Great.

14. Dirty? Not quite, but we still can’t wait for the second act ’cause the first one was GOALS — even more so than most of these guys.

15. Solid question.

16. Savage.

17. Poor thing.


19. *snaps*

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