Lili Reinhart Says Cole Sprouse is Lucky to Kiss Her on Riverdale

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Riverdale returned to the small screen last night after what felt like an ETERNAL winter break, but Lili Reinhart sadly couldn’t live-tweet the episode because she was busy filming. Instead, the actress did a live stream on Instagram as she was getting her makeup done so she could interact with fans, spill secrets from the ep, etc. As you probably could imagine, TONS people asked her about her relationship with co-star Cole Sprouse, especially since the pair just recently returned from a romantic Hawaiian vacation over the holidays.

One fan wrote something about how she’s lucky that she gets to kiss the 25-year-old (or, at least she did get to kiss him before Betty and Jughead broke our freakin’ hearts by breaking up), but she wasn’t really having that philosophy.

She jokingly said as she was sitting in the makeup trailer, “I think Cole’s lucky that he gets to kiss me, to be honest. Not the other way around.”

*turns megaphone on* FIND THE FREAKIN’ LIE!!!

Cole and Lili are super private about their relationship, but decided to let loose a little bit while on vacay and show a little (totally PG) PDA on the beach. Just because they got a little handsy doesn’t mean we should expect to see some of these smooches when the cameras are off, however.

The 21-year-old told V magazine, “I’m not at a point in my life where I’m ready to openly confirm, deny, or talk about a relationship that I’m in, because I think it’s brutal to have a relationship in the spotlight where I can be scrutinized by anyone and everyone. Being in a relationship with someone, it’s a relationship between those two people, and I feel like when you let enough people in, it’s not about those two people anymore. It’s about everyone.”

Makes sense.