Fans Think They Know REAL Meaning Behind Cole Sprouse’s Lili Reinhart Pics

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Attention FBI — if you’re looking for any new employees, you might want to look into Sprousehart fans, because they’re the KINGS of investigation. Shippers’ little hearts went wild when Cole Sprouse posted a new picture of rumored girlfriend Lili Reinhart earlier this week.

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The blonde also shared images from the same photo shoot, and tagged her Riverdale co-star.

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Super cute, but relatively boring, right? Well, the dirt comes thanks to @bugheadsbest on Twitter, who probably picked apart the images with a microscope and realized that they were PROBABLY taken during the pair’s trip to San Francisco.

The 25-year-old captioned the image “410,” which you can kindasorta see in the reflection of the mirror seen in the 21-year-old’s post. Apparently, Cole and Lili stayed at the Queen Anne Hotel in San Francisco, and room 410 is one of the hotel’s most haunted locations.

According to, the Queen Anne is haunted by the ghost of Mary Lake, who was the headmistress of the building when it was a boarding school. While the entire hotel is said to be filled with supernatural activity, “the manifestations…are the strongest in room 410, which once was her office and now is a lovely suite, complete with a sitting area and a fireplace.”

This theory would then explain why Lili captioned her pics, “Apparitions.”

Literally HOW do fans figure these things out?! We’re serious, FBI; if you need new employees, you know who to contact…

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