What Cole Sprouse & Lili Reinhart REALLY Think About the Riverdale Cast

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Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are opening up about how they REALLY feel about the cast of Riverdale, and we’re not gonna lie, it’s kind of adorable!

As if we weren’t already OBSESSED with the cast, Cole, Lili and their co-stars, Camila Mendes and Madelaine Petsch, sat down with MTV recently to talk about just how close they actually are in real life, and from the looks of it, they’re pretty darn close!

In fact, when asked about how she feels about her castmates, Lili STILL can’t believe that she totally hit the jackpot. “I have a whole new family,” she gushed. “When I joined the show, I knew that I was going to get along with these people and they’d be my co-stars, but I didn’t expect them to be my best friends, which they are.” Aww!

And as it turns out, her rumored beau, Cole, feels exactly the same way. “I think what this cast has taught me specifically is that the compatibility of cast members lends itself tremendously to the show,” he explained. “And the kind of interpersonal relationships we have with one another off screen, that kind of chemistry really reads to an audience and is enjoyable to watch.”

Hmm… interpersonal relationships off screen? Could he possibly be talking about Sprousehart? Well, honestly… we’re not so sure. But what we do know is that throughout Season 2 of Riverdale, fans have not exactly been loving how new character, Toni Topaz, seems to be coming between their beloved Bughead!

Vanessa Morgan, who plays the role of Toni, spoke to Cosmopolitan to share the ups and downs of what it’s been like playing a character that poses such a threat to a couple that’s become such a fan fave. “I never took any of the threats too seriously,” she revealed. “It just means that the fans are so passionate about the show, that they literally believed that I was Toni and literally believed that I was ruining Bughead’s relationship. I guess it means I’m doing my job.”

However, when Toni’s bisexuality was confirmed on Episode 6, it seemed like Riverdale fans changed their tune a little bit. Vanessa added, “It’s so funny that all the people who were saying ‘die’ are now like, ‘love you!'”

Even though fans were skeptical of her character at first, we’re so glad there’s more inclusivity and representation in the cast!