Cole Sprouse & Lili Reinhart Publicized Their Vacation All Over Instagram

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Riverdale co-stars Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse are enjoying a relaxing vacation in a resort in Mexico and, surprisingly, the two have been posting about their trip to Instagram for the past few days!

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We know that the two are vacationing together in the same spot, thanks to their matching Instagram stories:

Lili captioned her picture of the beautiful resort, “Hope everyone is enjoying Coachella,” while Cole hilariously captioned his story, “Spirit gorilla take me to paradise.”

Lili also shared a video of herself enjoying a relaxing horseback ride on the vacation, and it’s probably safe to assume that Cole was chilling on his horse right next to her:

If you need ANY further proof that Lili and Cole are officially comfortable being Instagram official, then look no further than Cole’s own Instagram page:

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A post shared by Cole Sprouse (@colesprouse) on

As you can see, he shared two GORGEOUS photos of Lili wearing a white, long and flowing cover-up over a burnt-orange bathing suit on the beach. One of the photos is a close-up, with Lili looking directly into the camera and her cover-up blowing in the wind, while the other is a more pensive, black and white photo of Lili from a short distance.

If those stunning photos don’t scream, “My name is Cole Sprouse and I am an amazing photographer and also I love Lili Reinhart,” then frankly we don’t know what will .