13 Cole Sprouse Memes That’ll Make You Love Him More Than You Already Do

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We’re just going to say it — Cole Sprouse is taking over the world. While we’ve loved the actor since his days on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, the general public has really started to take notice of the 24-year-old thanks to his incredible portrayal of Jughead Jones on The CW’s Riverdale.

One way to tell that you’re officially an A-list celebrity? Becoming meme‘d! Fans not only make memes about Cole himself, but also his TV character, which really proves how versatile his Internet-fame really is. #Relatable. Check out some of the best CS memes we could find online and prepare to fall in love with the star deeper than you even though possible.

1. Honestly, we love him both ways.

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2. YUP!

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3. #Art

4. Watch out, Leo!


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6. Who WOULDN’T want to watch?!

7. We think you already know the answer…

8. Or, ya know, his girlfriend

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9. V natural.

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10. AHHHH!

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11. GOALS!

12. Smh.

13. No one will suspect a thing.

We’re pretty sure Cole doesn’t mind being turned into funny memes — just look at all the times he and his brother hilariously dissed each other on Twitter!