18 Dirty Notes Fans Sent to Cole Sprouse That’ll Make You Cringe in Discomfort

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As one of the stars on The CW’s Riverdale, Cole Sprouse is getting attention that’s on a different level than anything he’s ever seen in the past. While many of the 24-year-old’s fans use social media to tell him how much they love his acting skills, funny AF personality, etc., others use it for more inappropriate purposes.

The dirty tweets got so intense that the Suite Life star actually had to once write, “Please stop calling me daddy. The last thing I need is more of my children running around the globe.”

Of course he was joking in the latter part of his tweet, but the general ideal was legit — Cole is the KING of receiving cringe-worthy messages from Internet users on the regular.

1. These are two very different things:

2. *covers eyes*

3. Oh.

4. BYE!

5. This is just too far.



6. Stunning.

7. What the actual eff?

8. A classic request:

9. ?!?!?!?!

10. Why is this a thing??

11. Woop, there it is.

12. GOALS!

13. That escalated quickly…

14. Uhh…wut?


16. REALLY too much.

17. That’s a LONG time.

18. How is this possible?

There’s a good chance Cole sees all these dirty tweets, because he’s ALWAYS on the site. Look at all the times he and his twin brother went back and forth at each other: