Cole Sprouse Calls Out the People Who Think it’s Okay to Be Racist at Coachella

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Coachella — a time for good music, lots of celebrities, cool fashions and cultural appropriation. Stars like Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson are all huge fans of the music festival, but unfortunately can’t seem to figure out how to go WITHOUT being offensive.

Instagram (@selenagomez)

Instagram (@selenagomez)

While both stars and regular festival-goers don’t seem to think appropriating other people’s cultures is a big deal, Cole Sprouse, the woke King of Riverdale, has a different understanding. The 24-year-old actor took to Twitter to call out those who think it’s okay to be racist, specifically by wearing Native American headdresses, at Coachella.

Fans appreciated the former Disney Channel actor’s stance on the cultural appropriation that runs rampant at the music event.

If only all celebrities could have the same thinking as Cole…

Another favorite at Coachella? Bindis, which are also not okay to wear as an ~accessory~: