YouTube Star Confirms He’s Married by Announcing He’s No Longer a Virgin

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The good news? Cole LaBrant and Savannah Soutas are married!! The bad news? The 20-year-old made the exciting announcement by tweeting about having sex for the first time. *CRINGE*

The former Vine star and 24-year-old who got fame by posting videos with her 4-year-old daughter, Everleigh, on musical.ly, started dating about a year ago, got engaged six months into their relationship and officially tied the knot on July 9. He wrote on Sunday, “Today’s the day. I marry my best friend. Lift us up in prayer as we become one. May God be glorified.”

The YouTubers each shared pictures from the wedding on their respective social media pages.

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In addition to becoming Savannah’s husband over the weekend, Cole also became her child from a previous relationship’s dad.

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“Before I asked Savannah if she would marry me, I brought out a tiny ring and asked Everleigh if it was OK for me to help be her daddy,” the blond wrote on Instagram back in January. “I will forever cherish this beautiful moment. Our engagement was just as important for Everleigh as it was for Savannah and me. She has changed my entire life, and now I get to be in hers forever.”

We admire Cole and Sav’s commitment and love, but here’s a little helpful tip for the future — maybe don’t broadcast your sex life for your millions of followers.

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