Girl Claims Cole Galotti Cheated on GF Danielle Cohn, But He Denies It

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It was only recently discovered that musical.ly star Danielle Cohn is dating fellow Muser Cole Galotti, but there’s already drama plaguing their relationship. And it’s not just because she’s 13 & he’s 16 (which the Internet has many thoughts about, FYI) — no, no, now there’s dramz because one girl is claiming that the male star cheated on his “Marilyn Monroe”-singing girlfriend with her!

According to Kay McDonald (@kayymcdonald on Twitter), the Muser was unfaithful to his new pint-sized love. “Let’s just say, Cole’s not loyal,” she said on Periscope. “I’ve been holding this in for a while; I’ve been holding this in for days.”

She continued, “[Cole] came to my house to “hook up” — two days before he brought Dani to my house and, like, four days before they started dating. And they’ve been talking for a while, so a.k.a. cheaters never win. Cheaters suck. I’m dead.”

“I didn’t know that he was talking to Dani,” she claimed. “I [would] admit [if] I did, but I did not know that he was talking to Dani and I feel so bad about that, and that’s why I’ve been literally, like… I feel so f*cking bad. I didn’t know that him and Dani were a thing.”

One Twitter user was quick to point out that, if they hooked up prior to him actually dating Dani, then it’s not cheating. To that, she responded:

And she didn’t stop there:

FYI, that’s Cole phone number.

Cole denied the cheating accusations, but not the whole hookup:

Danielle chimed in, too:

For the record, neither Kay nor Cole claimed to have sex with each other:

In any case, it sounds like both are on the same page, agreeing that they had a ~thing~ before he and Danielle started officially dating. However, they definitely have different definitions of the word cheating. Either way, it seems like the social media stars are doing just fine with their new relationship:


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