Musers Cole Galotti & Danielle Cohn Spark Breakup Rumors After Fight

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Musical.ly stars Danielle Cohn and Cole Galotti have only been dating for about a month, but their relationship has been nothing but drama so far. The 16-year-old was recently accused of cheating on the 13-year-old, causing a fight between the two. The couple made up briefly, but got into it AGAIN yesterday on social media.

Apparently, Cole got mad because Dani had a guy join her on a live stream and expressed his feelings about it on Twitter. He blamed the girl and her friends for causing him to check into a hospital for unknown reasons.

Danielle, who was on a plane at the time of her boyfriend’s (maybe Ex-boyfriend??) rant, eventually came online to defend herself.

Cole eventually realized he was in the wrong for starting sh*t on social media and apologized to everyone he involved.

Neither Muser said specifically they they broke up due to the incident, but, if you ask us, things are NOT looking good.