Cole Sprouse Got Dylan a Hilarious, But Inappropriate, Christmas Gift

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Cole and Dylan Sprouse are known for trolling each other on pretty much an everyday basis, so why would Christmas be any different? The Riverdale star decided to show his love for his twin brother this holiday season by getting him a gift that he’ll never forget — a huge anatomical chart of the male genital and urinary organs.

The 25-year-old clearly thought getting his twin a picture of a bisected penis was a fabulous idea, but Dyl thought otherwise.

“BTW what the h*ll am I going to do with a huge poster of a bisected penis lol,” the Dismissed actor texted his sibling.

Cole responded, “Hang it. In your study.”


We’re unsure how DS could’ve possibly topped CS’ present, but a good option would’ve been to actually watch more than one episode of Riverdale.

“Don’t tell my brother, but I’ve only seen the first episode,” he recently told Vulture.

But even though he’s not a fan of the CW hit, he’s still super proud of everything Cole has accomplished playing Jughead Jones.

“I”m just immensely proud of my brother for tackling both the big job of doing Riverdale, which is a lot of hours and has had like a lot of success, and also at the same time not losing sight of his passions like photography, which he’s very good at,” he said earlier this month. “I hear very good things [about Riverdale] and I hear my brother is quite good, so I’m proud of him nonetheless.”

He definitely heard right!