Colbie Caillat: Justin Bieber Is “One Talented Young Guy” (Exclusive Video)

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Light music is kinda lame (no offense, Mom and Dad), but somehow Colbie Caillat‘s light, breezy love songs are all so, so awesome. And her duet, “Lucky,” was even awesome enough to make it on Glee! So, did Colbie think Sam and Quinn did justice to her classic song? And what does Colbie think of the Biebs? Find out all this, plus what it’s really like working with her guitar-playing boyfriend.

We’ve got the vid!

Colbie’s new album, “All Of You,” comes out tomorrow, July 12! Are you gonna get it? What’s your fave of Colbie’s songs (ours is “Bubbly,” FYI)? Tell us in the comments!