Celeb Battle: Which Blond Heartthrob is Hotter, Cody Simpson or Ross Lynch?

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Ok, guys. We’ve heard your cries. And by cries we mean read your comments about how much you all LOVE Ross Lynch aka Austin from Disney’s new show, Austin & Ally. We get it. He’s a cutie. but we’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones who think he looks creepily like Cody Simpson. We bet you can’t even tell which dude is which in this pic below:


Right? So today, for celeb battle, we’re putting Ross against Cody in the ultimate test of hotness. Make sure to vote for your fave in the poll below and tell us which guy you chose and why. And if you want to see even more Ross Lynch on Teen.com, tell us that, too! Ask and you shall receive…


Which dude looks hotter with a guitar?

And PS, in that pic above with the blacked-out faces, Ross is on the left and Cody is on the right, in case you’re wondering…

So, who got your vote and why? Wanna see more Ross on Teen.com? Tell us!

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