Celeb Battle: Who Would You Rather Smooch Under the Mistletoe, Justin Bieber or Cody Simpson?!

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‘Tis the season…uh almost…according to both Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson. Both cuties got to smooch some very lucky girls in the snow during the making of their new music vids for “Mistletoe” and “Not Just Love” respectively, and we’re just about dying of jealousy. But while we’re legit turning green with envy, we’re wondering — who would we rather be smooching under the mistletoe come December? And whose snowy romantic kissing pic is colder hotter?

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Check out the pics below:

So, who’s it gonna be? Who would you rather make out with? And which makeout pic is better? Make sure you tell us in the comments and in the poll below! Ready, go!