Get Deets On Cody Simpson’s New Single!

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Yes, he’s going on tour with Greyson Chance, yes, he’s a total cutie when he talks about girls’ hair, and yes, his Aussie accent is sexier than 8 million Canadian Justin Biebers put together. But here’s another thing to say “yes” to — Cody Simpson‘s brand spankin’ new single! It’s called “On My Mind” and we’ve got all the deets about its release!

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So, you’re def gonna wanna be by your computer tomorrow, April 23 at 4:30pm EST. Because that’s when Cody will be premiering his new single during a live webchat on CodySimpson.com.

Members of the fan club will get the exclusive listen to the song, so if you’re not a member already, sign up here. It’s free, ya know! And then after the webchat, you get to see the video for the song. No big deal.

Are you excited for Cody’s new single? What’s your fave of his songs? Tell us below in the comments!