Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber to Release Complete Duets Album

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Fans have known that Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson were cooking something up for a while now, especially after all their in-studio Instagrams over the past few months. And now, everyone’s questions were finally answered ’cause Cody spilled the beans and revealed that he and JB are releasing a duets album! He told The Daily Telegraph,

“It is a smack bang duets (album). Justin has been a good mate of mine for a while. It’s just us writing. He told me he felt like I’d figured myself out and have grown into what he knows I will be so he was like, ‘I see you as that guitarist, singer songwriter you’ve always wanted to be’. I play all the guitars on the album.”

According to Cody, the album will be released by November. So far we don’t know much more about the album, but CS did post a snippet of one of the boys’ collabs about a month ago:

We love! Are you excited for the duets album?

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