Cody Simpson’s “Crazy But True” Music Vid is Missing One Thing… Cody!

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Cody Simpson


Sorry, Simpsonizers, but we’re NOT happy with Cody Simpson‘s vid for “Crazy But True.” He’s not even in it! Well, maybe that’s ’cause it’s only a lyric music video. (To-may-toe; to-mah-toe.) But still, we haven’t seen the Codester’s gorg blond locks in a vid since “On My Mind”— and that was at the beginning of the summer. Seriously, the neon graphics in this one can only hold us over for so long.

But if you think Cody can do no wrong, check out his music vid!

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Are you just as disappointed as we are? Or are you completely fine with the way “Crazy But True” turned out? You can totally tell us here.