A Teen Wolf Star Says Fans will “S*** Themselves” When They See Who’s Back

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Ever since Jeff Davis and the Teen Wolf cast casually dropped some not-so subtle hints about fan favorites that could (read: better) be returning for season 5B, we’ve been freaking the EFF out! There’s no way we are making it until January; we NEED answers!

While Cody Saintgnue may not have given away exactly who will be returning, the fact that he promises that fans “will s*** themselves” when they find out who’s making a reappearance in Beacon Hills has us even more hyped than before! We shamelessly tried to get the actor to spill some juicy 5B deets, and although he didn’t give everything away, he did share a few tidbits you’ll definitely want to hear. Make sure you read everything below realllly carefully so you’re fully prepared for Teen Wolf’s return!

What kind of things can we expect to see when Teen Wolf returns?
“If I told you, I’d have to kill you…The writers of Teen Wolf and Jeff Davis like to keep things so top secret. I literally get all the scripts about a week before we start filming, just to understand what’s going on and then we just take it from there. But, you can probably always count on Brett being shirtless.”



Phew! So a shirtless Brett is a definite?
“I think so. He’s definitely known for having his shirt off and I think that sequence will continue in the future (laughs).”

Does it ever get weird being shirtless more often than not?
“No, I feel au naturel. #FreeTheNips (laughs).”

Brett was originally supposed to be in one episode. What was it like when you found out that he’d be more of recurring character?
“It was so crazy. I just really appreciate Jeff for giving me that opportunity. I always think about that; Brett was supposed to be a one-off and because Jeff gave me that chance, it led to so many things. It’s such a big, thankful feeling. It was so cool to get that opportunity to become a recurring character, especially when the show was so hot. For that to happen on such a hot show is unbelievable. Two weeks before I booked Teen Wolf I genuinely was starting to read business books and producing books. I thought that maybe this wasn’t for me.”

Instagram (@codysaintnew)

Instagram (@codysaintnew)

Wow! So this news was kind of like a make or break for you?
“I would say that it definitely gave me more hope, because this industry can definitely dwindle that down real fast for ya (laughs).”

We were at comic-con and there was a lot of talk of some of our Teen Wolf favorites also making a return. What else can you tell us about that?
“I told you, I would have to kill you then. Brett will be back! Do I know who’s coming back? Absolutely. Do I think the fans are going to s*** themselves? 100 percent.”

Will we get to see more to Brett than his “bad boy” image during the remainder of this season?
“To be completely honest, I have no idea. I have not read my script yet, but it would make sense for them to keep on developing Brett. The fans loved Brett so much and that was a good reaction. I would think that they would do that, but we’ll see.”

What about any potential love interests?
“I think it would be really cool. Do I have any idea? I have no idea what’s going to happen; but, what I do know is that I think that since Brett is bisexual, I feel it would be very interesting to play that duality. I think that there are some interesting things that could happen with Brett and his sexuality. As of now, though, I have no idea.”

Is there anyone you would personally like to see him with?
“Hmm…Probably, Mila Kunis (laughs). I have a crush on her!”

Can you share anything else about the upcoming premiere? Will we see Brett in the first episode?
“You will genuinely have to watch to see.”

You’re killing us! Everyone always says how close the Teen Wolf cast is. Was that intimidating for you at first?
“Yes, it was, especially because Brett came in the middle of the season. I was like, everyone is already going to have their favorites, but it doesn’t matter; I was just happy to be on the show. As soon as I got there, I remembered that me and Tyler Posey used to be very good friends. I took my first acting class ever with him, actually. I remember he was gone for like two or three weeks, and I was like, ‘What happened with Tyler? My best friend is like, just gone.’ They told me that he booked some pilot Teen Wolf and he’s the teen wolf. I was like, ‘No way. That’s so sick I need to start watching it to support him.’ Naturally, when I got to set and he saw me in the makeup trailer, he was like, ‘Dude! What the hell?’

Instagram (@codysaintnew)

Instagram (@codysaintnew)

That’s so funny! So he had no idea you were going to be there either?
“Yeah, it was so cool.”

He was definitely a good person to go into set knowing. That must have helped a lot.
“What I love about Tyler — and it’s something that I want to bring when I lead on my shows — is that he is a leader and brings people’s energy up around him, from crafties to producers to directors. He absolutely made me feel so welcomed. He introduced me to so many people and he was a real stand-up guy. I’ll never forget that, because I was so nervous.”

Do you have one memory from set that stands out the most?
“I will say that everyone probably gets annoyed when they put the watermelon out because they know I’m the person that will go to it and eat all of it. I’m the watermelon bandit! It’s so good! They know that if watermelon or chicken come out, it”s going down.”

Brett gets into some intense fights and scenes in Teen Wolf. Was there ever a moment during filming where you actually got injured while you were acting?
“Me personally, no. The Teen Wolf department is very good about protecting their actors and making sure they’re safe. When I played on House M.D., though, I remember I had a wheelchair scene and the camera was in front of me. When I went down a ramp, I flipped forward and I definitely busted my shins then. It wasn’t too fun.”

Instagram (@codysaintnew)

Instagram (@codysaintnew)

Besides Teen Wolf, do you have any other projects in the works?
“Yes, I’ll be producing on a couple of the films I’ll be acting in. One of them, my first starring role, is an Indie film and it’s a horror/romantic thriller. Another one is the The Thunderers and I’ll be a producer on that, as well. I know those are set to shoot in the spring, so that’ll be a real busy time for me. They’ll probably be out somewhere around summer 2016. I’m lucky to keep myself busy doing things I love more than anything.”

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