14 Hacks That Prove You Can Use Coconut Oil for Literally EVERYTHING

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Have dry skin? Use coconut oil. Want whiter teeth? Use coconut oil. Ran out of makeup remover? Use coconut oil. Chopped off a finger? Use coconut oil. Okay… that last one was a lie, but the rest are totally true; you can use coconut oil for literally EVERYTHING!

Don’t believe us, check out these hacks that show you all the incredible things you can do with the product:

1. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy an at-home spa experience?



2. Oil pulling may seem a bit scary, but swishing around a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth can be INCREDIBLE for your health…and your teeth. Get the deets on oil pulling here:

3. If you have dry, damaged hair, this coconut oil treatment will become your new best friend:

4. Into DIY projects? Here’s how you can create your own lipsticks using Crayola crayons and coconut oil:

5. Air fresheners are great, but can be kinda expensive — Save money by making ’em yourself!

6. Coffee is great to drink AND use as a body scrub:

7. One of the best ways to shave your legs is actually with coconut oil!

8. Say goodbye to the days of buying deodorant…

9. Acne scars can be super annoying, but there are ways to make the spots fade simply and easily:

10. We know summer is over, but it’s still important to prevent and treat sunburns:

11. Follow this recipe to make your own DIY lip scrub:



12. Washing your face with coconut oil will remove your makeup AND moisturize your skin at the same time:



13. Say goodbye to frizz with this homemade spray:

14. Combine coconut and baby oil to make your own makeup remover wipes:

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