We Acted Like It was Coachella at Work and Things Got Interesting

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Coachella is literally happening right this second and you better believe that we are favoriting and liking every single photo, Boomerang and video that is posted from the desert. This year’s lineup is INSANE, to say the least, with Beyoncé headlining the festival both weekends.

When something as major as Coachella rolls around, it’s difficult to not get into the easy-going mindset early. The whole weekend is all about having fun, singing and dancing as loudly as you can, having the best time ever and, of course, getting enough perfect pictures to have enough #throwbackthursday photos to last you the rest of the year.

At Coachella, it feels like nothing else matters and your normal day-to-day life is a distant memory. As hard as it is to focus on work in the weeks leading up to music-filled event, it’s even worse when you have to make your way back home after it’s all over and get back to your normal, boring life. But what would happen if you never turned #CoachellaMode off?

Our Clevver hosts put this theory to test, and let’s just say that things get pretty weird. While Joslyn Davis is hanging out in the kitchen taking selfies and Boomerangs in a VERY Coachella-worthy outfit and Erin Robinson is wandering around the office lost because she doesn’t understand the map, Loryn Powell is making Tom Plumley‘s meeting go horribly wrong because she is live-streaming every moment.

We have to admit that it’s a pretty accurate representation of what really goes down at Coachella, especially when Lily Marston loses her phone. This hilarious vid is further proof that the festival lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but having your whole office take on the ‘chella vibe for just one day would definitely be enough to make memories lasting a lifetime.