The Guessing Game That Proves How Insane Coachella Fashion Is

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The second weekend of Coachella is in full swing, and we can only assume that this weekend will give us just as much crazy fashion as we saw from the first. (If not more.) The annual music festival held in Indio, California (that’s the desert if you didn’t know) always boasts tons of celebrities, and it’s almost just as much about the fashion as it is the music.

Yes, celebs such as Katy Perry, Emma Roberts, and the QUEEN of Coachella — Vanessa Hudgens — all make the pilgrimage to the desert to soak up the sunshine and listen to some sweet tunes. And oh year, wear INSANE outfits. In honor of Coachella’s second weekend, we thought we’d put together a little guessing game of Coachella style through the years. We’re showing you a crazy Coachella ensemble and then you have to I.D. the star JUST by their clothes (or lack thereof).

Put on your thinking cap and start playing by clicking through the gallery below!