We Got Styled with the Show Me Your Mumu Festival Collection for Coachella!

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Can you actually believe that Coachella 2018 is here?! We have been thinking about this year’s music festival ever since this time last year and we are so excited that the musical festivities have finally arrived.

Like everyone, we have been scouring the Internet for the very best festival beauty products and craziest fashion pieces to wear and, as usual, the Internet did NOT disappoint. Figuring out what to wear to Coachella can be super overwhelming, especially because there’s a pretty high chance that you’ll have at least one celebrity sighting. Not only do you have to figure out how to deal with the insane heat and long days, but you also have to make sure that your clothing will stand strong when you inevitably run into the five types of girls you always see at the popular music festival.

Thankfully, our hosts, Joslyn Davis, Lily Marston, Erin Robinson, plus longtime Clevver BFF/YouTuber Meghan Rienks, gave us the inside scoop on what to pack for not only Coachella, but all the upcoming summer music festivals, on a new episode of Beauty Trippin’:

The girls got styled with the brand-new festival collection from Show Me Your Mumu and *SPOILER ALERT* we want everything! Joslyn, Lily, Erin, and Meghan got to pick out some of their favorite looks all while getting help from the Mumu team and we have to say that they each looked 10/10 in all of the outfits.

From the looks of their chosen ensembs, this year’s festival fashion is all about pastel colors, denim and being comfortable and we’re definitely going to incorporate those rules into our summer wardrobes. The most important thing to remember when it comes to festival fashion is the accessories! No outfit is complete without a hat, sunglasses, backpack and TONS of jewelry. We don’t know about you, but we’ll be online shopping for these looks the rest of the day.

Watch the video above to get a peek at what you’ll see at Coachella!