7 Artists That Would Perform At Coachella If We Had Our Way

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For those who’ve been living under a rock, Coachella is happening in California right this second and it’s that annual music and arts festival that features performances from some of the best rock, indie, hip hop and electronic artists around. Unfortunately, they don’t have too many… um, teen friendly… acts this year. Which made us think – who would perform at Coachella if we got to choose the acts? Read on to see who we picked! Oh, and for the haters, we’re including some vids of the songs to totally prove they’d fit right in. #Teenhella FTW!

Jonas Brothers
It’s been a while since the JoBros performed on-stage together. They’ve all been off doing their own thing and have grown up a lot. So we think if they reunite, they could totally fit in with some of the other rockers – just check out their stripped version of their song “World War III”!

Nicki Minaj
We don’t know how Nicki didn’t get an invite. She is hip hop, people! We’d love to see her add her, uh, bizarre touch to the festival, and she could even join up with David Guetta, since he’ll already be there!

Katy Perry
“West Coast represent, and put your hands up!” Coachella is in California, Katy sings “California Gurls”… this is another pretty obvious one. But we’d make one minor adjustment to her usual set – make everything acoustic! Coachella has a lot of indie artists, and Katy has a real indie sound to her voice when she performs without all the special effects. Don’t believe us? Exhibit A:

The Wanted
Okay, we may be a bit biased since we’re basically obsessed with The Wanted, but hear us out. They’re really diverse. If the festival needs more rockers, they could totally do that. But they can sound indie too! We thought we loved “Glad You Came” before, but we may like this acoustic version even more…

Justin Bieber
We don’t necessarily think Justin is right for Coachella… but his hip hop alter-ego, Shawty Mane, is! The Biebs has gotten a lot of praise for his rapping skills, and “Boyfriend” totally makes us think he’s ready for the big leagues. Do you agree?

Jessie J
Jessie is super underrated. Most of her songs may be a bit too pop for Coachella, but we’re sure she could find a way to change them up a bit! Plus, we think “Domino” would be an awesome song to jam to live.

Honestly, how can you have a festival with a ton of awesome electronic music artists, and not invite Redfoo and SkyBlu?! And they strip down to their underwear in pretty much all their shows anyway, so they’ll already be prepared for the Cali heat.

Which of these artists would you most want to see perform at Coachella? Check out the festival’s full lineup right here, and tell us — who else that’s not on the list would be awesome?

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