13 Struggles Only Extremely Clumsy People Understand

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Everyone would like to think that they’re pictures of grace in everyday life, but the fact of the matter is — most of us are pretty freakin’ clumsy! And for those whose clumsiness has gotten them into some pretty sticky situations (no pun intended), you know that being a klutz is truly a problem that’s SUPER hard to deal with. Just ask Jennifer Lawrence oKristen Stewart! Here are some of those struggles:

1. You have to carry around a Tide to Go pen 24/7 ‘Cause there’s always a HUGE possibility you’ll spill something on your outfit.

2. And you basically can never wear white. Unless you want everyone to know just how much of a mess you are, that is!

3. You’ve lost count of how many times you’ve tripped in public. Even if you don’t fall to the ground, you’re constantly stumbling.

4. No seriously — you trip over nothing! Walking in a completely flat, empty room? No worries — you’ll def still trip!

5. Walking up stairs causes anxiety attacks. Do you realize how dangerous those things are?!

6. This especially causes problems when you have to go on stage for something. I.e. An award, a performance, etc.

7. You constantly have unexplained bruises on your body. They probably come from all the time you walk into doors, tables, etc., but you’re not 100 percent sure.

8. If there’s a large glass of anything, you’ll definitely knock it over. No one is safe!

9. Your clumsiness has caused injury to other people For example, when you trip into someone and knock them down, too. Uh, oops?

10. Gym class is your worst nightmare. Anything that involves coordination isn’t exactly your strong suit.

11. And organized sports aren’t too great, either. As much as you’d love to play soccer, basketball, etc., it’s just not physically possible!

12. Thinking of wearing heels? LOL!! Good luck with that!

13. Want to do anything subtly? Try again!

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