15 Funny Memes That’ll Make the Recent Clown Sightings a Little Less Terrifying

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The United States currently has a clown problem. Yes, you read that right — a clown problem. The characters that are usually found at circuses have been popping up and (allegedly) terrorizing people across the country. While some news outlets are reporting that this issue is just one elaborate hoax, many are still absolutely terrified of possibly seeing one of these bad boys around town. But instead of simply crying about it (which they’re prob also doing, tbh), a lot of people are doing what we all do in the face of danger — making memes!

1. True dat.

2. Adam Sandler never lies!


4. Seems legit.

5. GTG!

6. And yet this is SO funny.

7. See??

8. Running seems like a good option, no?


10. Cue the tiny violin!

11. Every man for himself!

12. Not Halloween!

me when i remember halloween is coming up & then remember the clowns in the woods pic.twitter.com/R7Fqb0i6br

— sarah kate (@skchilders) October 3, 2016


14. Of COURSE they brought Harambe into this discussion…

15. *says everyone on social media*

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