14 Cliche Photos You’ll See on Everyone’s Instagram This Summer

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The start date of summer vacation varies in high schools across the country, but the first official day of the season is Monday, June 20. Summer brings a lot of exciting things: school is out, the sun is out and your crew is up for anything. In summer, no one is too old to eat a popsicle or run through a sprinkler. Hot days spent by the pool and cool nights spend by the bonfire with your friends blow days spent in study hall and nights spent doing homework out of the water. After all, the old saying goes summertime, and the living is easy.

With all of the opportunities you have to have a good time during the summer, it’s no surprise that you’ll want to document them. Every #summerdaze activity will be flaunted on Instagram for the next three months, complete with sand, sun and swimsuits. Be prepared to see the same images in your feed all season — and if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! These cliche summer photos might be a little boring, but let’s be real, you’re still going to look at them, and probably even like them. Let’s admit they’re cliche, embrace it and laugh at ourselves a bit. Which ones are you going to post?

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