MTV Reality Star Commits Suicide After Struggling with Mental Illness

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Suicide is always a hot-button topic — that’s why it’s not talked about openly and honestly very much in the media. If not for the recent introduction of 13 Reasons Why to Netflix, you’d be hard pressed to find much recent, informative content surrounding the subject. Sadly, though many shy away from speaking about people taking their own lives, that doesn’t mean it isn’t prevalent. Here’s a taste of that truth:

On March 25, Clay Adler, former star of the MTV reality series Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County, shot himself in the head. According to TMZ, the 27-year-old was on a trip to the desert with his friends; it was there that they went shooting. Little did they know that, amid the shots, Clay would turn the gun on himself. He died of suicide in the hospital the following day, March 26.

The report says that “there were no drugs or alcohol in his system, but Clay had struggled with mental illness in the past.” Yet another reason why we need to keep an open conversation.
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