Playlist of the Week: Classic Rock (Cover) Songs That We Still Love

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We recently got to know Diego Boneta and showed you what Julianne Hough will look like as an old lady just in time for the premiere of their new movie Rock of Ages . The flick hits theatres tomorrow, so we thought it’d be totes appropriate for this week’s Playlist of the Week to celebrate our rock faves — well, covers of them at least.  From old-school Britney to new-age Glee, these are the best modern-day versions of songs that your parents will be proud you listen to.

1. Kristen Stewart, “I Love Playing With Fire”
Kristen shocked everyone by making the switch from her love-struck character of Bella Swan to hardcore rocker Joan Jett in The Runaways. We knew Kris could act, but weren’t aware that this girl can totally rock out, too!

2. P!nk, “Bohemian Rhapsody”
P!nk can def rock, so her covering potentially the most well-known song in rock history is totally epic. Trust us, you’re gonna want to listen to this one.

3. Miley Cyrus, “Every Rose Has Its Horn”
When Miley released “Can’t Be Tamed” back in 2010, we could def tell she was trying to steer far away from her Hannah Montana past. She took this classic Poison song, added her own twist, and made us love it even more.

4.Taylor Swift, “Pour Some Sugar On Me”
Tay’s mom is a huge Def Leppard fan, so we’re sure she was freaking out when she had the chance to sing with them. Yes, this pairing is a little bit strange, but we kinda can’t stop listening.

5. One Direction, “Summer of ’69”
Come on, how cute are the 1D guys back in their X Factor days? We love their current pop music, but wouldn’t mind some more rock-influenced tunes like this in the future. Just sayin’.

6. Demi Lovato, “You Give Love A Bad Name”
We love how Dem lets loose while performing this Bon Jovi hit. Hm, wonder who she was singing it to?

7. Britney Spears, “I Love Rock N’ Roll”
Everyone loves chicks who can rock (just like Joan Jett, who, along with her Blackhearts, made this song famous)  and everyone loves Brit, making this the perfect song to jam out to in your room with your brush as your mic or in the car with your friends. PS, remember Crossroads?!

8. Glee Cast, “Don’t Stop Believin'”
It seems like absolutely forever ago that the Glee kids covered this song in the pilot episode of the show. Ah, memories.

9. Katy Perry, “Don’t Stop Me Now”
Obviously Katy sounds amaze singing this song, and we love how she gives one of the greatest bands of all time a run for their money.

10. Jonas Brothers, “Drive My Car”
The number one rule in music is not to cover The Beatles, but we have to say we’re impressed by the JoBros’ version of this one.

11. Rihanna, “Is This Love”
Rih goes back to her island roots with this cover of a Bob Marley classic. Is it normal for us to feel like we’re laying on a beach in the Caribbean while listening to it?

Which rock song is your fave? Did we miss any covers?

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