After a Long Absence, YouTube Star Returns and Comes Out as Transgender

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Claire Kittrell, formerly known as Michael, got popular when her YouTube video “Gingers Do Have Souls” went viral in 2010. Although that video garnered over 40 million views and she regularly posted other content to her channel following its success, the 23-year-old has gone virtually missing for the past few months. After the lengthy silence, however, Claire is ready to talk.

“I’ve been off YouTube for 5 months due to me going through HRT [Hormone Replacement Therapy],” she wrote on Twitter. “Bla bla bla I’m trans, get over it. I’m done pretending.”

The YouTuber followed up her tweets with a super emotional coming out video where she explained that she was originally planning on leaving the site completely instead of explaining what was going on, but ultimately decided she had to tell her story.

“One reason I never came out before, especially on the Internet, is because I felt like a monster and I felt like if I exposed my weak spot everyone would attack me on that. I’m not going to live another year of my life pretending to me someone else. I’m just not going to do it.”

Claire says that Caitlin Jenner’s story actually “helped [her] out a lot,” because while the reality star could afford all the surgeries it takes to fully transition and the redhead cannot, “that’s okay because as long as you learn to accept yourself, you can be happy.”

But even though the former Hollywood Hillbillies star is learning to accept herself, she still suffers from severe anxiety and depression.

“This is me, my name is Claire…wish me luck.”
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