Free Download: CJ Holland’s New Single “Night and Day” Is Basc Justin Timberlake 2.0 (Video)

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Yeah yeah, we’re all majorly upset that Justin Timberlake has ditched the music thing for movies, but we think we can die just a little happier knowing that there’s a new guy who’s pretty much just like him, CJ Holland. This guy’s only 17 and he’s got the same smooth voice as JT, killer moves at MJ, and swag as JB (as in Bieber). Not to mention, he’s also got a song out with Lady Gaga. And here’s why we’re pumping him up so much — he’s hot we’re giving you a free download of his new single, “Night and Day!”

Check out a teaser for the song and video below, and then click “Get it now” below that to get your free download!

What do you think of “Night and Day?” Think CJ Holland is the next JT? Tell us in the comments!