The Fate of Red Band Society, Plus 6 More Juicy Deets from Ciara Bravo

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Tonight marks the season finale of Red Band Society! That means it’ll be the last time (in… who knows how long?) you can see your favorite characters, like Nurse Jackson, Dash, Charlie, Kara, Leo, Jordi and, of course, Emma, on your small screen. Fortunately for you, we got the inside scoop on the series — was it canceled, or is it just going on hiatus?? — from Emma herself a.k.a. Ciara Bravo.

While promoting tonight’s groundbreaking episode in NYC, we caught up with the 17-year-old star — atop the Empire State Building! While the view wasn’t as spectacular as usual (notice the white background behind her? Those are clouds!), Ciara’s enthusiasm sure was.



To get the details on our chat, including the status of the FOX television show, as well as Ciara’s thoughts on a certain Big Time Rush guy’s latest projects — *cough* Kendall Schmidt *cough* — click through our CB-filled gallery here: