Where Are They Now? The Cast of The Chronicles of Narnia

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Remember the hit-YA films that were out before YA films were a “thing”? However, some of those younger YA stars still went on to have eventful careers — while others ended up exiting show business all together. And while we know that the entire cast of Harry Potter grew up to be hotties, some other young YA stars we seemed to have lost track of a bit more: Like the very characters from The Chronicles of Narnia.

The thing about The Chronicles of Narnia is that even when you’ve forgotten about it, once you’re reminded the characters you loved and the world that was inside the wardrobe is opened up to you once again. Seriously, though, there’s a reasons why it’s included pretty high up on our list of best book series’ of all time. So, let’s all take a trip to Narnia once again.

Here is what happened to the beloved actors from The Chronicles of Narnia: