11 Last-Minute Christmas Nail Tutorials That’ll Make You the Star of the Holidays

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Merry Christmas Eve eve, everyone! While you hopefully already have your Christmas-day outfit planned and presents for your family and friends locked and ready to go, we’re pretty sure you forgot one detail — your nails! Okay, okay; we know this isn’t a HUGE aspect of the holiday, and it’s not like it’s essential to have a great time, but there’s something special about rocking a festive mani for special days!

So, if you’re looking to show up to your Christmas parties with show-stopping nails, we suggest you keep reading. But don’t worry; even a nail-dummy can do ’em!

1. This candy-cane manicure is almost good enough to eat!

2. No matter what the weather is, make it a white Christmas with the help of these frosty snowflake nails:

3. Don’t think you can handle all those steps? Try this simpler snowflake tutorial:



4. Two colors is all you need to make adorable little Santa hats on your fingers:

5. You can also amp up that design by following the below guide:

6. You’ll legit squeal every time you look down and spot these adorable little Rudolph faces chillin’ on your nails:

7. Have extra string laying around? Curl it on your nails to make a 3D Christmas lights design:

8. Not gonna lie — that’s a bit extreme. You can get the same effect using only nail polish, though.

9. ‘Frosty the Snowman, was a jolly happy soul!’ They weren’t kidding — look how cute he is!

10. Feeling adventurous (and super patient)? Create this tape contraption to make the most epic Christmas-tree nails the world has ever seen!

11. Penguin party!



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