What Movie Are You Seeing Over the Holiday Vacay?

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Whether you’re Jewish and are ordering Chinese and going to the movies on Christmas day or just need a break from the fam during the long holiday vacay, you’ll definitely wanna make a trip to your local Loews this week. With tons of movies to see (more on that in a sec), you definitely have no excuse to sit at home on your couch and do nothing all week! (Except for the cold. Maybe the cold is a legit excuse to stay indoors.)

So what movies are must-sees? Get deets on all the latest flicks and vote on which one you’ll be seeing!

Little Fockers: The third installment to the hilarious “Meet the Parents” and “Meet the Fockers,” Jessica Alba joins Ben Stiller and friends in this flick as a pharmaceutical rep.

Yogi Bear: Justin Timberlake and Dan Aykroyd star as Yogi and Booboo. But all you really need to know about the flick is in this exclusive vid…

Black Swan: It’s not getting millions of nominations for nothing! Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis star in this creepy ballet thriller.

Country Strong: Leighton Meester and newbie Garrett Hedlund go majorly country in this musical drama. We wanna see it just to watch Blair Waldorf sing!

Tron: Legacy: Oh yeah, and that new guy Garrett Hedlund we just told you about? He’s in Tron too. And he wears spandex. Lots of spandex.

Gulliver’s Travels: Jack Black, Jason Segel (stay tuned for our interview with him, BTW) and the gorg Emily Blunt bring this old classic to (modern) life in this hilarious flick. We saw it. We swear. It’s hilarious.